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Elly van Maaren


Schöpfung, afmeting is 100x100cm

Being in the light. It’s a choice. This choice can be simplified. That is what Papershields are for. Papershields are a shield of light. Tuning in to the light can be achieved in more ways than one. All in your own time and place. 


Taking in the images on this website or, if you so choose, with a Papershield in your own environment and by using a work card. In short, you can tune into the light how you prefer. What matters is that you choose to be in the light. 


This website can help you with that choice. If the website resonates with you, you resonate with the light.

If you are triggered, but still unsure, then it is not yet definite. Simply put, it’s about choosing for light or darkness, positivity or negativity. What direction do you want to take? It’s up to you.

Think about it and return when you’ve made up your mind. Papershields are intended for those that want to be in the light.


Papershields increase the light. They bring positive energy and have a supporting role. From looking at the photographs you can get an impression of the different forms of handcrafted paper on offer.


Ordering a small framed Papershield or a work card is simple. Just follow the instructions on the website. With regards to the bigger works of art, it is better to make your own choice in the atelier.

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